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Our expertise in physical security includes Armored Gaurd House, Road Blockers, Rising Bollards, Barriers, Turnstiles, Tire Killers, and Sliding Gates & Operators and designed to meet engineering specifications these products are supplied with different performing systems; Hydraulic, Pneumatic, PLC Controlled Electromechanical and Manual Systems are available.

Our Work

Our Products

Road Blockers

  • Hydraulic Rising Road Blockers
  • Surface Mount Road Blockers
  • Shallow Mount Hydraulic Road Blockers
  • Mobile hydraulic Road Blockers
  • Pneumatic Rising Road Blockers


  • Hydraulic Bollards
  • Pneumatic Bollards
  • Removable Bollards
  • Fix Bollards
  • Automatic Bollards
  • Semi-Automatic Bollards
  • Crash Tested Fixed Bollards
  • Chain & Flanged Fixed Bollards
  • Triangular Flanged Fixed Bollards

Tyre Killers

  • Hydraulic Tyre killers
  • Electromechanical Tyre killers
  • Mechanical Tyre killers


  • Hydraulic Arm Barriers
  • Hydraulic Drop Arm Barriers
  • Electromechanical Barriers
  • Manual Barriers
  • Chain Barriers Barriers

Gates & Operators

  • SG-CT Series Crash Tested Sliding Gates
  • SG-CT Series Crash Rated Sliding Gates
  • SG Series Heavy Duty Sliding Gates
  • CG Series Heavy Duty Cantilever Gates
  • SWG Series Swing Gates
  • FSG Series Folding Speed Gates
  • BI_Folding Gates
  • PSG Pedestrian Security Doors
  • ESGO4000 Heavy Duty Electromechanical Sliding Gate Operators
  • SWGO-1000 Electro-Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators

Armored Gaurd Houses

  • AGH-10T series Armored Gaurd Houses

Turnstiles Series

  • C100 Series Turnstiles
  • E100 Series Turnstiles
  • F100 Series Turnstiles
  • F100D Series Turnstiles
  • F100G Series Turnstiles
  • F100SDR Series Turnstiles
  • HH100 Series Turnstiles
  • HH100D Series Turnstiles
  • M100-Motorized Swing Series Turnstiles
  • SWG-Manual Swing Series Turnstiles
  • V100-Wall Mount Series Turnstiles
  • V200 Series Turnstiles
  • V300 Series Turnstiles
  • V400 Series Turnstiles
  • HG100-Hidden Speed Gate Series Turnstiles

Fencing Systems

  • AVF100 Crash Rated Anti-Vehicle Fencing System